Mental health & well-being

Mental health & wellbeingThe importance of mental health is often understated, although it is an essential component of physical and emotional health and well-being.  The World Health Organisation describes mental health as ‘as an integral part of general health and quality of life through which a person realises his or her full potential’.

Mental ill health is common with as much as 20% of the total burden of disease in the UK being attributed to mental illness.1 Poor mental health may begin at an early stage with 50% of lifetime mental illness present before the age of 14 years.1 Early recognition and management of mental health issues is thus essential.

Well-being is a positive state of mind and body, which is fundamental to a person’s quality of life.  Communities which support mental well-being have benefits for both those with or without mental health problems. Current strategy aims to strengthen the mental health and well-being of the whole population not just to prevent mental ill health, but to support individuals and communities to bring the best out of themselves and secure health, social and economic benefits.1

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